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Surfs Up in Chile

My Post on Pichilemu, Chile is up. I will say it again, I loved this town. You don’t have to be a surfer to enjoy this coastal town. It is scenic, friendly and good food is not hard to find. There are a few fun day trips that are nearby. Just a few hours from the Santiago Airport and you will be overdressed in anything but flip-flops and shorts. I adored the hotel we stay in, it’s where I shot this picture. For specifics on Pichilemu click the photo below.

Happy Travels!

Patagonia: Journey to the End of the World

Well sort of the end of the world. Click the photo below if you would like some tips, prices and advice on traveling to Chile’s Patagonia. If you find this blog helpful please hit the like icon on the right. I hope to post another page on the coastal town of Pichilemu in Chile within the next few days!

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Washing off the Trail Dust

I found a piece of paradise in Pichilemu, Chile. It is south of Santiago on the Pacific Coast. It’s the perfect place to end our trip after a week of traveling in Patagonia. This town is known for it’s clean waves, making it a hot spot for surfers. As much as I enjoy the mountains & hiking, my shoes will always have sand in them. I hope to post a detailed trip report by the end of December.
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Torres Del Paine, Chile

It took about three hours to get to the park from Puerto Natales in our little rental car. The new gravel mountain road made the trip easy.The views of the snowcapped mountains and the deep blue lakes were beautiful. This picture is from Largo Grey. It’s time for a boat trip to the glaciers.

Happy Travels!