SS Copenhagen Dive

I posted a video of my dive of the SS Copenhagen. You will find it on our Facebook page. The ship that sank in 1898 now lies in pieces on the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean off of Pompano Beach, Florida. The video does not do it justice. It will show you the beautiful reefs but I didn’t do a very good job capturing the colorful sea life and tons of lobster we saw.

We passed the lighthouse on the way to the dive site.

Dive South Florida


The ocean off of Ft. Lauderdale/Pompano Beach has amazing reefs and wrecks to dive. Until I dove in other places around the world I forgot how spectacular the reef life is in my own backyard.

The water was warm, the corals were colorful and the fish were pretty and plentiful.

Updated: Rwanda

Click photo below for Page on Rwanda. It includes travel tips, prices and advice.  If you are interested in seeing the video I shot of the gorillas please like this page and go to Kim’s Travel Site on Facebook where the video is posted.  I hope to get the Tanzania page up in a few weeks. This will include the great migration and Zanzibar.

Photographing Rwanda's Mountain Gorillas

These are my personal opinions about my experience.







Gorillas in the Mountains of Rwanda

What an incredible experience. Expensive $500 for a permit that lets you look at these amazing creatures for an hour. But wow what an hour. I hope to update the Africa page with Rwanda, Tanzania and the island of Zanzibar by month’s end.

                           HAPPY TRAVELS!!

Mountain Gorillas