Malapascua: Love At First Sand Print

I knew the minute I stepped off the boat that I was exactly where I was suppose to be. I often say I can feel the soul of a place the IMG_0676minute I arrive. As with many first impressions they are not always accurate but this time my intuition was spot on.

I love this island. Yes I said I could live in Siargao but for vacation this island in the Philippines is what I would call paradise. It’s quiet and quaint. There are no cars because the dirt and sandy roads are IMG_1454really narrow alley ways. Just off the beachfront there is a small village. The locals here are very friendly and walking alone even in the dark one still feels safe. I should know I got a bit lost last night. Although IMG_0721Malapascua is a tiny idyllic island there are just enough restaurants for variety unless you repeatedly extend your stay.

I’ve only extended my stay once. I planned for 3 nights but I’m now Screen Shot 2016-06-30 at 8.23.43 AMstaying for 5. Good thing I came here last and I have a pre-booked flight or I would have had a very hard time getting off this island. It’s hard to resist good diving and a hotel where you have to enter from the beach. I can’t leave out the sunrises, no the sunsets, actually both are incredible even on a cloudy day. Thankfully it was worth the 2 hour ferry trip then the 3 hour cab ride and the last leg, IMG_0710a half hour Banca boat ride. Bancas are traditional Filipino boats. They have large outriggers made of bamboo but no sails, a very loud motor powers the boat.

I hadn’t planned on the cab but when I asked to go to the bus station the driver offered me a deal I couldn’t refuse, about 30 bucks less than the hotel quote for a private ride.

I didn’t hesitate because at times comfort and convenience are IMG_1332worth that extra expense. This island is so perfect to me in hindsight I would have walked just to get here. Ok maybe I would not have walked but definitely hitchhiked.