World’s Best Fishing Spots

FISHING: Where Do You Want To Go?    

By: John Anderson

Fishing is more than just a sport for us anglers.  It means a lot to us. Not only the joy has it given when we catch a big fish, but also about being out there in the open, in unison with nature! There is something special about connecting to a very different and beautiful side that we all have in us – somewhere.   As the saying goes – it is not about the catching but rather about the fishing. Not that we would not love to take back home some nice looking fish, but even if we don’t catch anything- it does not feel like a day wasted – does it? That is what fishing is about.

Below are some of the best fishing spots around the world- easily one of those things that could feature on ‘things to do before I die’ list. Take a look.     

1.       South Stradbroke Island, Queensland – Australia– You have to be here to experience what it is to be in the land Down Under. This Island on the northern end of the Gold Coast is just a treat for serious anglers. What’s more, you can also come across humpback whales near the horizon and wallabies poking their heads from the dunes. You can stroll in the beach, soak up some good sun, and cast a line in the turquoise waters.

2.       Sutherland, Scotland – There is nothing left to say when you hear the word Scotland. Imagine yourself standing in breathtakingly beautiful creek fishing with your favorite little fly.  There is something so calm and serene and vintage about Scotland – like you have travelled back in time to the magical little place.

3.       Lough Corrib, Connemara, Ireland – Another beautiful spot to be fishing at in Lough Corrib- William Wilde, father of Oscar Wilde has also written about this beautiful lake.  You have to be there physically to appreciate the beauty.  One of my personal favorites too. If you are looking to catch some trout, May is the best Month.

4.       River Lochy, Queenstown, New Zealand- There are just two ways to reach the spot – take a helicopter or a boat across Lake Wakitipu.  The crystal clear water flows down from the Eyre Mountains.   Wild brown trout and rainbow trout are found in great sizes here – a chance to make a ‘personal best’ record.

5.  Tusket River, Noca Scotia, Canada – This is the place where you could actually make your long lost dream come true. This could be a vacation where you stay in a log cabin with a wonderful view as a backdrop – the dense forests and the bear add to the drama.  Hiring a fishing guide here is a good idea.

These are some of the places I have on my list too.  You need a well planned itinerary to get the most of these spots.  No, these are not the only spots that are worth a visit of course. You can also find some fantastic local fishing spots right here <> .

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