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Misc. Tips:

-Beaches, beaches and more wonderful beaches!

-Most people especially in the hotels speak English

-Expect a “cover” or charge for the privilege of sitting at your table in most restaurants they run from a couple of dollars to $9 was our largest.

-ATM: we couldn’t find one in the country that would take our bank card. Credit cards should be fine.

-Driving the country is a pleasure. Well marked signs, good paved roads and not many cars. (a few tolls about 36 pesos)

-If you plan to drive, no need to buy a map. The free one you can get from the tourist office named “Rutas de la Costa” was excellent for the costal areas.

-Parking on the street where a person/kid parks you, tip should be at least 10 Pesos. (u$s .50) when you leave.

-Punta Del Este has a great number system on the street lights. A local map matches the numbers, which makes it easier to find places and streets.

-Across the street from the Punta bus station is an Avis. The bus station is also walking distance to the Playa Brava Beach , with the hand, if you are going for the day.

-Gifts, buy them before you leave. Do Not expect to buy any local gifts or anything that says Uruguay from the airport. The only store is an exclusive Duty Free (the same one you walk thru upon arriving in the airport)

-20 pesos = $1 for this report and pp = Per person

-All the hotels we stayed in included breakfast and a computer with free internet in the lobby.

-We went at the end of the summer season so rates were lower then peak season which I am told is Jan and Feb.

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