Bahamas Beach Guide

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A Guide To The Bahamas Beaches

If you are in search of a perfect beach, why not start with The Bahamas, whose gorgeous beach front overshadows the relatively small land mass.  The pristine beaches with white sand, and pink in some places, are so fine that it feels soft to the touch. Shallow transparent water of the beaches often run for hundreds of yards out to the sandbars and then drop into the sea depth.  With some breathtaking islands and cays, visitors from around the world come here to sink their toes in the clearest water on Earth.

There are two types of beaches to be found in The Bahamas, the activity beach and the deserted beach. On an activity beach, there is good number of things to indulge in, and services are available at your fingertips. These include water-skiing, diving, sailing, windsurfing, fishing, parasailing, beach bars, seaside restaurants, local entertainment, you name it and you get it near you.

On a deserted beach, none of the above activities are available, though that is the whole idea behind it. Over eighty percent of beaches of The Bahamas are deserted beaches, with virgin sand that gives a warm feeling under the feet. The motorboats or crowds being not around, mean you can feel the subtle nuance of the surf’s music in solitude. The world around seems to be a spectrum of blue, white and green. Some chilled coconut water and fresh sweet mangoes rounds up the day.

Perhaps the most famous of beaches in The Bahamas is The Abacos that was voted recently as one of the best beaches in the region. Others gaining recognition are the Grand Bahamas Island and the Gold Rock Beach.

Here are some of the best beaches of The Bahamas:

The Exumas – Visitors will find thousands of miles of soft, white sand beach that stretches along in a chain, inlets and cays, for exploration by foot and by boat or just relaxing. The shallow and clear water are just right for snorkeling in the whole of The Bahamas.

Grand Bahamas Island – the shoreline that is covered by the reef come with fine white sand beaches with many waterways denting them and over 50 miles of seclusion.

Long Island Beaches – the beaches here are quite scenic and serene and stretches as far as the eyes can see. Cape Santa Maria Beach is considered as the most beautiful beach here and is ranked as one of the best beaches in the world. You will find some beaches with deep blue and turquoise water with reef to walk on at low tide or cliffs to hike over.

The Abacos – Some spectacular stretches of sand are to be found here, including the Treasure Cay Beach that is considered as among the top 10 beaches in the region. Tahiti Beach here has soft white sand; Ocean Beach comes with sugary sand, while one can find tall dunes at the seven mile long Guana Cay Beach.

The Exumas – One will find some inviting soft, white sandy beaches that stretch for thousands of miles along cays and inlets and are ideal for relaxing. The crystal clear waters make for excellent snorkeling in the whole of Bahamas.

Eleuthera and Harbour Island – The Pink Sands Beach is perhaps in the list of everyone’s top 10 beaches of the world.

Grand Bahamas Island – Here the reef protected shoreline and cays have fine white sand beaches with over 50 miles of secluded shoreline.

Accommodation In The Bahamas:

For tourists like me coming from Port Douglas to The Bahamas, the islands offer a variety of accommodation to suit every need and budget. Right from chic island resorts and star hotels through smaller and cozy budget hotels and guest houses, The Bahamas provide the right accommodation to stay that matches the luxury apartments of Port Douglas and Port Douglas resorts.

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