There is so much to see and do here but since it is such a popular tourist destination you probably know someone that can give you advice. Therefore, I will only give you a few tips when visiting London.

  1. To get into the city from Heathrow used the Heathrow Central London Express. Buy your roundtrip ticket in duty free before you walk out of the secure area, if no one is in the hallway selling them  then right outside the door there should be a stand on the left. This will save you 16 pounds.

  2. Get a hotel close to the a tube stop. Traffic can be crazy and after you walk to far from the hotel and you are too tired to walk back you will want to take the tube.

  3. GO TO THE THEATRE! I loved Billy Elliot at Victoria Palace. The matinee cost 62 pounds for 7th row and 19 pounds for the least expensive seat

  4. Go to the MUSEUMS they are FREE


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