Isla Mujeres

Isla Mujeres: An island off Cancun, Mexico

$1 = 11 pesos

(2009) The island is small about 5 miles long and not even a mile wide. Lots of golf carts on the road. Beaches are wide, beautiful blue water. Depending on your taste it was tad to touristy for me. Good place to just unwind. There is one pedestrian street in town with lots of restaurants and shops. There are few tourist attractions like a zip line, swim with dolphins, visit the sea turtles we did not partake in any of those activities.

Misc. Tips

-Exchange as little as possible in the airport the rate isn’t very good there wait until you are on the island or in Cancun.

-Ferry runs about every half hour and is 140p per person r/t (there are 2 spots in Cancun area where the ferries run Puerto Juarez and the Hotel Zone)

-If you even like Cancun you will love this place. I wouldn’t do a daytrip I would spend a few days or bypass Cancun but that’s a personal preference.

Renting a golf cart is a great way to see the island and get around, but it is very expensive $45 for 24 hours. If you don’t want to hire one for your entire trip I suggest you rent one the first day to get the lay of the land then use cabs. The taxis are inexpensive.

Hotel Villa La Bella: Ocean view Honeymoon Suite in low season we paid $150 a night.

The owners Curtis and Ashley welcome you like you are an old friend coming for a visit. They were by far the nicest proprietors we have EVER met and their Hotel is funky and fun. It has a beach feel, clean and comfortable not luxurious. It is a work of art with its hand made wooden furniture, bright color paint and swings as bar stools.. The sign in front of the hotel says “beer so cold it will make your teeth hurt” sums up this fun loving couple. You will find really nice thick beach towels in the room. This bed and breakfast type hotel is not in town. There are a few places nearby where you can walk to for food but it’s only a 20p taxi into town minutes away. (Don’t ask diver price just hand over that amount) On a rocky beach, but they have a pool and a constant breeze for those stifling days. This side of the island can get very windy. Breakfast included and it’s usually something hearty and creative. And the coffee was fabulous!!! Oh and no children.

If you hear noise coming from down the block it’s a bullfighting ring. A family night out for locals. You can walk from Villa La Bella. 100p pp to get in 15p a beer but 50p for pistachios. We didn’t stay for the actual bullfight but the cowboys and their lasso tricks were entertaining .

Food: (in order that I would revisit)

Valazquez: Cannot beat the prices, view and the food is really good. It is on the beach, just a couple blocks from the pedestrian area. For 2 fish filet, crab, fries, veggies, large mojito and beer was 200p total. Get the fresh fish.

Bally Hoo: on the dock at center of main beach behind the gas station. Shrimp tacos 55p very good tempura style. Beer 20p

Café Mogagua: Steak tacos were excellent!! but prices are kinda high. You get 3 tacos at 125p beer is 30p Croquetas, I didn’t care for at 65p. Relaxing atmosphere with lounge chairs, couches, games. Clean place and good service.

-Didn’t care for the Italian place, don’t know why on an island we even went there.

Tequila Bar: On the pedestrian street Adelita. No food but lots of different kind of tequila. Good place for a drink and to people watch.

North Beach: nice wide beautiful beach. Lounge chair rental 100p for 2. Buy water in a store before coming to beach store its 10p beach you will pay 40p.

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