Quick Tips:    


-Visas: We used and did a visa on arrival, which means they need to be secured before entering the country but picked up when you arrive. (See Below)

-To exchange or pay you need crisp US Dollars printed after 2006

-Airlines, hotels & some attractions wanted payment in USD. City cabs & local purchases were in Kyat.

-Buy a pencil case or similar container to keep USD’s perfect

-There’s a 2000 kyat fee for each airline ticket

-Flip flops rule here so 1 pair is all the shoes you’ll need

-Time is a half hour behind Bangkok

-Get to airport early for domestic flights one of ours left a half hour early

-High end hotels include water, wifi and multi-course breakfast

-1 USD = 949 Kyat (prono Chat)


It cost $89pp USD to hire to obtain visas on arrival. The process was easy & hassle free. No photos needed. Once the visa is approved you will need to book a roundtrip flight (we assumed dates – gave tentative flights and hotels until we knew the visas were approved.  we changed a lot of it later on.  The only really important date is your arrival date) to show the agency. Before you leave your country make sure the form confirming your visa has the correct name spelling, DOB and passport number so you don’t have  a problem boarding your flight. PRINT AND BRING ALL FORMS! An english speaking rep. from the agency was at airport to walk us through the process,  escorted us thru customs & found us a taxi. *Grab a Myanmar map at the airport  it’s a good one.

Traveling In Myanmar:

It’s true the locals are happy to see you. At times you will think you are mistaken for a celebrity by the way you are treated.

May is the low season or “monsoon season” so there weren’t many tourists and prices were considerably lower! We didn’t have our travels pre-arranged but we were able to get great deals on hotels and never had a problem obtaining  last minute flights.  Before you decide on train travel you may want to try the circular train (see below) that trip made the decision to fly for me! DO NOT drink or brush teeth in the water.

 For Specific Information on the following cities click the pictures below:

Click for Inle Lake
Click for Inle Lake
Click for Yangon
Click for Yangon


Click for Bagan
Click for Bagan




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