Going Solo in the Philippines

I couldn’t have planned a better start to my summer trip. My dear  friend from Brazil helped me start the summer with a blast but nIMG_0899ow she is gone and it’s solo until I get to Europe in August. The big bummer about traveling solo is that I have to pay close attention to everything. With my travel buddy she was usually on top of everything so I could defer to her. Although I was in charge of our slush fund (aka slushie) a fair amount of time.


IMG_0746I have 9 more days left in the Philippines. My plan is to hit a few of the dive spots. The morning started with a very early flight to my original destination, a small island south of Cebu, but the cancelled flight changed that plan. I didn’t mind the airline gave me 500 pesos for travel, a free flight and a refund for my ticket. Luckily I had no place to be unlike the very angry people who were told the next flight to Dem didn’t IMG_9094depart until tomorrow. I spent my 500 pesos ($10.74) on a cab to the port and a ferry to Bohol. I just reversed my trip or who knows maybe I will find a live aboard dive boat to spend a few days. My new Aussie friends are going to be very surprised when I show up at the hotel, I told them to stay at, on Alona Beach. This is why I don’t make reservations it’s soIMG_0582 freeing not to care. I can’t see all 7,000 + islands in the Philippines so I’m going where the travel gods take me and today instead of Apo Island it’s Panglao .