Panglao: Dive Dive Dive

IMG_0675The first thing I noticed when I arrived on Alona Beach on Panglao Island were all the tourists. The beach is littered with places to stay, eat and shop. At first glance it was a big disappointment after coming from Siargao. I found my two Aussies friends in the hotel pool and over a drink we discussed that we were afraid we had already experienced the best island in the Philippines. That was until I saw what was under the sea.


Wow, the plethora of dive shops now makes sense to me. I knew the IMG_0715  diving here was suppose to be among the best in the Philippines but I heard that before so I wasn’t expecting much. I thought with all these people the reef can’t be healthy. Wrong again. I love to be wrong about things like this.

The diving was great! Sea turtles were everywhere and the frog fish, IMG_0700clownfish and nudibranchs come in all different colors. Eels, snakes, coral of all shapes and sizes it is just beautiful.  (I’ll post more pictures on the Facebook page when I get a chance) The only thing missing was my brother, he’s my dive buddy back home.

Last night I thought I was going to make a quick escape from Panglao but after today, well I just extended my $23 a night IMG_0663room for two more days. Tomorrow’s plan involves snorkeling with the whale sharks.