Sarajevo’s Olympic Bobsled Track

You may recall Sarajevo hosted the ’84 Winter Olympics . One thousand, two hundred and seventy-two athletes from around the world competed for medals in 39 events. One event was the bobsled IMG_9910and the track used still exists although it is hardly recognizable as a former Olympic venue. The track is covered with graffiti and at places weeds and moss cover the track. The forest that surrounds this abandon structure is lush greenery. It sits on Trebević Mountain overlooking the city.

This was the last stop on a “Siege of Sarajevo” tour we took. It was odd to walk down the track and then pose for picture in a spot that IMG_3363has both a proud and a painful place in this country’s history. The track was controlled by Serbian forces during the longest seize of a capital city in modern history. The siege lasted 44 months (1992-1995). Even today all you have to do is look at the buildings around the city and you will see the scars left by bullets and mortars.

I was aware of Bosnia’s history when I decided to visit but I had no IMG_3340idea that I would find such an appealing country. It is so scenic that travel seemed effortless, even long distances by bus.

The Neretva River is so incredibly beautiful that just looking at it should top a traveler’s list. It is by far the most stunning river I have ever seen. The color is a rich blue and the rocks and cliffs that surround it only enhance the view.IMG_2263

The Neretva is the country’s source of freshwater and I suspect the best place to see it is under the old bridge in Mostar. The charming town of Mostar, yet another reason I fell hard for Bosnia. I wish I spent more time there because I already put it on my short list of places to return.